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Just like every other 20-something wine enthusiast, I am heavily addicted to The Bachelor series. Nothing helps a Monday go by faster then knowing at 7 p.m. you and your closest friends get to be swept up in a world where nothing makes sense and roses are currency.

Combine this guilty pleasure with my love of sports, and I present to you the title of this post:

If NCAA schools Were Cast Members of The Bachelor
(Sponsored in part by cab sav)

1. Chris Harrison/Kansas


For those who don’t know, Chris Harrison is the host of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. He’s the resident shoulder to cry on, bringer of mimosas and date cards, and the person you can count on being there. Also, he’s easy to root for.

Same goes for KU. The Jayhawks always seem to be consistent in the polls and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s also fun to root for Kansas in the Big Dance (But I may be bias because I have a lot of friends in Kansas and I happen to think the Jayhawk is the cutest logo in the universe).

2. Nick/Texas A&M


Nick Viall is the current Bachelor. Basically all you need to know (other than the fact that he looks way better with facial hair) is that he came in runner-up for not one, but TWO seasons of The Bachelorette. After both women refused his marriage proposal to wife up with another man, Nick then went on the spin-off Bachelor In Paradise, where he once again proved he would do anything for some TV time (Anyone catching my drift about TAMU’s move to the SEC upon the birth of the Longhorn Network?). Only time will tell if the fourth time is a charm.

3. Rachel/UNC


ABC went ahead and spoiled this one and told us she is the next Bachelorette before she even gets booted off! However, I couldn’t be more excited to get to see more of Rachel! A successful Texas Ex (she actually had my exact same internship! How crazy is that?) turned lawyer in Dallas, she’s the person you know will be a success…just like UNC. Something about seeing those boys in Carolina Blue and Jordans makes them extremely easy to cheer on. And Rachel, I’ll be watching next season!

4. Taylor/Notre Dame


Oh, Taylor. A counselor with a John Hopkins degree, she spent her entire TV time trying to be the team shrink with her “emotional intelligence.” She also had no problem taking down some girls (ahem, Corrine). She’s smart, she’s a spitfire, and she definitely wants to let you know about her degree….sound like the Irish? I sure think so.

5. Raven/Alabama


Raven is the classic sweet, southern charmer who adds a little dash of crazy when things don’t go her way (just ask her ex). This girl is in the final two, so she’s definitely in it to win it! Although she’s an Arkansas fan through and through, I’d have to say her personality definitely measures up to that of the Crimson Tide.

6. Vanessa/Michigan


The Northern (well, technically Canadian) with the good reputation. Heck, she’s even lovable after she pukes (still can’t decide if this moment is sweet or disgusting)! The other finalist, Vanessa has a large fanbase who has placed her on a pedestal so high she’s going to get altitude sickness (again). Just try and talk crap on Michigan to any Big Blue fan…I think the similarities will show themselves.

7. Corinne/Duke


Best known for being the only contestant on the history of The Bachelor with a nanny (who apparently makes incredible cheese pasta), Corrine was this season’s villain. When she wasn’t napping, she was making sure she got Nick’s attention anyway she needed. Needless to say, she wasn’t too popular in the house. Very flashy, PR nightmare…can’t help but feel like this is a very Allen-esque situation like the Blue Devils this season.

8. Alexis/Dream Team


If anyone knows this girl, please have her call me! She was WITHOUT A DOUBT the best thing that has ever happened to this show. Between showing up on the first night dressed as a dolphin/shark, expressing her biggest fear of Nicholas Cage, and quoting GOT, this girl would get my rose any day!


I can’t assign Alexis as a single team, because she is the DREAM TEAM. Five dolphin/sharks on one team would lead to an undefeated season any day of the week!

And now, it’s the best month of the year: MARCH! Here’s to hoping the NCAA Tournament will be as surprising and entertaining as watching Nick try to look comfortable in a turtleneck!


Until next time,

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