Awesome April

April never disappoints. The end of March Madness, the Masters, and NHL and NBA playoffs? Be still my heart! Here are my favorite snippets of the month so far.

1. Lexi Thompson

LPGA standout star Lexi Thompson was in prime position to take home the ANA Championship, leading the field by two strokes through Saturday’s round. However, she was approached on the 12th hole on Sunday by rules officials to inform the player that she was being penalized four strokes.

You read that right, FOUR STROKES.

A viewer from home emailed in to report that they believed Thompson illegally placed her ball on the 17th hole the previous day. Upon further inspection, the LPGA decided to give Lexi a two-stroke penalty for playing from the wrong place and an additional two-stroke penalty for signing an incorrect scorecard for Saturday’s round.

Fighting off tears, Thompson went on to finish the round and ended up in a play-off, where she later lost the title to So Yeon Ryu.

The controversy over whether sports rules committees should allow “armchair referees” to call in remains at the forefront of golf politics. Many professional golfers have expressed their sympathy to Lexi and their anger towards the LPGA over the entire situation.

However, one positive thing to take from this whole debacle is the grace in which Thompson carried herself.

I think all kids should be required to watch this. Lexi Thompson, you’ve gained a lifelong fan in me after watching you go through this!

2. Masters Overview

Everyone in the golf community was screaming, “FINALLY!” at the top of their lungs when Sergio Garcia took home the green jacket. Even after he missed a short three-footer on the 18th green to secure the win in regulation, it only took one extra hole and some clutch nerves for Serg to triumph over J-Rose.

Side note: Sergio is currently engaged to a former UT golfer and frequents the UT Golf Club, so Austin was super hype to finally see Garcia claim a major.

And, yes, you’re delusional if you think I would only point out one highlight from the greatest week of the year.

First, we need to talk about Dustin Johnson. Seriously. ICYMI, the world’s no. 1 golfer slipped in his socks and fell down the flight of stairs at his Augusta rental house the day before the Masters. After warming up for Thursday’s round, DJ withdrew on the tee sighting back injuries.

A heavy favorite (although, if we have learned anything from the Masters, it’s that anything can happen), the media wasted no time giving DJ absolute hell. As always, reddit didn’t disappoint with a perfect capture of DJ’s pro tracker.

pro tracker

Also, I was recently introduced to a Barstool Sports podcast called Fore Play. It’s basically two below-average golfers giving their take on all things golf. Go check it out!

And lastly, you know I couldn’t end a Masters post without talking about Matt Kuchar’s ace! (Cue the KUUUUUUCCCCCHHHH chant)

Being the class guy he is, Kuch gave the ball to the sweetest little kid ever, who did NOT let go of that souvenir for the rest of the day.

3. Grandpa Goals

When North Dakota alum Tyson Jost was selected as the 10th overall NHL draft pick to the Colorado Avalanche, his grandfather couldn’t control his emotions.

Skip to 0:45 to see the man tears.

What’s even better? Grandpa strikes again at Jost’s NHL debut.

Can I adopt him? PLEASE?

4. March Madness

I guess this year in the world of sports, the second time is the charm! After Clemson was able to upset Alabama in its second-striaght football championship appearance, UNC followed suit in the NCAA Tournament.

No more Michael Jordan crying gifs for you, UNC!


Ok, I know this isn’t sports related, but it was a HUGE highlight of the month in my opinion. After months of millions of fans (including myself…guilty as charged) tuning in to check up on our favorite giraffe, April finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

While I will spare you the details of the birth archive (It was a little more intense than I had imagined in my brain), here’s an adorable picture of April and her baby.


The park is holding a contest to decide the new giraffe’s name, so if you’re still obsessing over April like I am, here’s the link

6. Bandwagon Cam

The Cincinnati Reds have no chill. The video crew decided to have a little fun with spectators decked out in Cubs gear with their hilarious Bandwagon Cam featuring superlatives Jimmy Fallon would be proud of!

7. SB2k17

The Spring Break boys are back at it again! For the second year in a row, the PGA crew of Rickie Fowler, Symlie Kaufman, Jordan Spieth, and  Justin Thomas hit Bakers Bay for some much needed relaxation time after the Masters.

Here’s some snaps from the trip!

8. Stop…It’s Hammertime! 

San Jose State University doesn’t just have any running back coach…they have a coach who used to be a backup dancer for MC Hammer! Check it out:

Now, to find a way to incorporate those moves into some plays…

9. Breaking the Bell

Here’s your feel good moment of the month! Texans linebacker David Quessenberry sure knows how to celebrate the end of his cancer treatment in style.

10. The Queen

After winning the Australian Open, Serena Williams announced she was pregnant on Snapchat and the entire world lost its mind (rightfully so)!


P.S. I would just like to remind everyone how #blessed we are to live in a world where Beyonce and Serena are both pregnant at the same time! I ain’t sorry!


I know these highlights are coming a little bit early this month, but I have a perfectly good excuse. I’m going to Disney for a bachelorette party later this week, and I can’t control my excitement. Prepare yourself for lots of photos/videos of a grown 24-year-old woman crying from happiness during her first Walt experience.

Until then,

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